About us

ALP LAW LLP acts exclusively for clients who have suffered a personal injury. This area of law is our single area of focus, and clients are recommended by major organisations to use our services in view of our speciality in this field. Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients, and include the following:

  • Full nationwide coverage;
  • State of the art paperless processes to assist case progress;
  • Dedicated, specialist personal injury lawyers;
  • A commitment to client service;
  • Cutting-edge, event-drive IT systems to monitor case progress and client care.

ALP LAW LLP is the specialist personal injury law firm from which the private motor policyholders of Allianz are now being offered legal advice if they have suffered a non-fault accident.

The firm has been created through a joint enterprise between Allianz Legal Protection, and partners in the established catastrophic injury law firm, Serious Law LLP. By having a closer relationship with the law firm involved in reviewing and dealing with their injured policyholders, Allianz Legal Protection can more effectively ensure that Allianz policyholders receive the high levels of service that they expect and deserve.

The ability of ALP LAW LLP to pass any catastrophic injury cases quickly and easily to Serious Law LLP also ensures that any policyholders who suffer very serious injuries can have immediate access to the services of one of the UK’s leading law firms in this highly sensitive and specialised area.