Making a claim can be confusing and intimidating, so we will talk to you in plain English to help make the process as straightforward as possible.

You will be kept regularly informed about the progress of your case, and will be able to speak directly to your legal team during office hours, in order to discuss any queries which may arise.

If a member of the legal team dealing with your case is not available, our Client Care Department will be pleased to provide assistance.

In order to minimise any disruption to your day-to-day life, we will be happy to communicate with you via your preferred method of contact. If you prefer that we communicate with somebody else on your behalf, we will do so provided that we hold your written authority.

In some circumstances, we may request further documentation from you. Upon receipt, we will ensure that it is safeguarded at all times.

On rare occasions we may require urgent action from you, but this will only be when it is demanded by the select circumstances of your case.